Thursday, February 26, 2009

I Have Lain in Heath Ledger's Ashes.

That's right. Heath Ledger's remains were spread across Cottesloe beach in Western Australia, a beach that I have been to twice. This probably explains why my acting skills have increased almost tenfold in the past few weeks. For instance, I can now imagine original scripts in my head and monologue them, simultaneously! I'm sure Heath would be proud. I wish I could get a job with my acting.


I went job hunting today! This is something I would probably not do if I were home, so it's surprising to even me that I'm doing it while I'm abroad. But, when you have two days of class per week and the minimum wage is something like 15 dollars/hour, it starts to seem like a good idea. Plus, it might be a good way to get immersed in the Australian Culture, which so far seems to be very interesting.

HISTORY LESSON: Up until about the 1980's, most Australians have been ashamed to refer to themselves as Australian, as a result of their heritage as England's refuse (criminals). They have also been extremely racist towards the aboriginal people, who have resided peacefully in Australia for tens of thousands of years. At the root of the issue is the concept of what "Australia" actually is, and what it means to be "Australian." When the indigenous people have lived here about 500 times (probably very off) longer than the European settlers, who are the real Australians? Until the 1960's, the Aboriginal people had about the same legal standing as a tree. It's really messed up. Recently, there's been a sort of nationalistic movement and people are starting to be proud of their heritage, and being proud of their nationality. Interesting stuff. I'll find out more. In the meantime, how about a linguistic update?!

boxed wine = goon
sunglasses = sunnies (they don't even know that the word "sunglasses" exists)
breakfast = brekky
how are you doing? = how are you going?
red pepper = capsicum
arugula = rocket
cookies = biscuits
kevin = kev

English 284: Sweet sweet class. Reminiscent of my Comm 410 class last semester, seems to focus on a very intense analysis of the true identity of Australia, and what it means to be Australian, through literature and film. Professor Moody (like from Harry Potter) is a large walrus-like man that excitedly huffs and puffs his way through the lecture, probably on the verge of a heart attack. I'm pumped for it.

Psych 213: Abnormal Psychology, which is like crazy people studies. Will probably be my hardest class, since I'm not a psych major, but should be interesting. Focuses on what "abnormal" actually entails, and if it's even possible to define normality within a cultural context.

Business 339: Advertising Production, taught by a super awesome genius creative director guy who has worked for pretty much everyone and won tons of awards. It's going to be sweet. I don't think that many of my classmates really understand the concept of advertising. On our first tutorial day, we were asked to design a print ad for Burger King that worked through the idea that BK's burgers are bigger than the competition. By the way, Burger King is called "Hungry Jacks" here. Same exact restaurant, different name. Hmm?! Anyways, back to the ad. We were split into groups of two, and since 75% of the class is Asian, there were about 5 Asian groups. Independently, every single one of these groups came up with this as their ad:I have absolutely no idea why. I thought it was hilarious, but sadly had nobody to share my laughter with. I could tell that the professor was dying inside, but he sort of just acknowledged the large burgers with eyes and moved on.

Mine, of course, was brilliant. You should know this.

Tomorrow I'm going back to Cottesloe beach to lay in Heath again. I'll whisper to the sands, tell him of his victory at the Oscars, and of my love for his films (especially A Knight's Tale, first movie I ever cried during, maybe). It will be beautiful, and I will tan, and then I will be beautiful, and maybe then I will find myself an Australian bride.

No worries,


  1. "I Have Lain in Heath Ledger's Ashes"

    ^^this is A+ past participle usage, kiu

  2. Tell Heath about how we watched "10 Things I Hate About You" while in mourning!