Thursday, February 12, 2009

Kill Teen Angst and the French Rockets

So last night I got to take a bit of a break from intense socializing and went downtown with some people to the Fremantle Film Festival. Although it started about 3 hours after we expected, it turned out to be really really cool. Two bands opened for the festival (for an audience of about 15), the French Rockets (sort of bloc party/helio sequence/whatever i have no idea) and Kill Teen Angst, which were a cool sort of ska ish band. They were Australian, so that was cool. We got to talk to them after the show, since there was nobody really around, and learned a lot about how difficult it is for a band to tour from Western Australia. Since Perth is the most isolated capitol in the WORLD, bands really have to build up a bit of a following in WA before traversing the entire nation to the eastern cities. They said that it's a lot easier to tour and become popular in America, since you can literally string together a thousand cities to play concerts in. Cultural differences!

The film itself was a documentary of the dynamic differences and similarities of The Dandy Warhols and The Brian Jonestown Massacre. It ran a little long, and after a while it felt that there was a repetitive theme of the Dandy Warhols being slightly less gifted but succeeding a lot more than the Jonestown Massacre, who were constantly screwed over by their lead singer/songwriter Anton, who was apparently a musical genius but thought he was God. Interesting stuff, since I had listened to a lot of the dandy warhols and had never heard of the brian jonestown massacre. It was kind of too bad that the documentary had absolutely nothing to do with Australia, but whatever. There was another documentary being advertised that's playing there in about a week, wherein two Australian dudes move to Iowa (WHY) to investigate corn. Yeah, corn. I guess we eat a lot of it, which makes it important.

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