Friday, May 29, 2009

Australia Rocks

I've been a little long winded lately, so I'm going to shorten up the writing style. I'm also extremely tired, as a result of three straight days of sightseeing. Wednesday I took about 2 hours of bus/train transportation to get to an aquarium, which was great. There was a giant tank filled with huge manta rays, sharks, and sea turtles, with a circular underwater tunnel (complete with moving walkway for old and/or lazy people) that sat beneath the tank. Over the past few days I've been working on putting my video footage from the aquarium to the hit single Underwater Princess Land - it's finished but I've been having some trouble loading it. Hang in there, though. It's going to blow you away.

These past two days, a bunch of us rented one car and borrowed another, and took a few spontaneous road trips to various Australian rocks, hence the titular pun. Our borrowed car, for some infuriating reason, would only start for strangers. As soon as one of us tried to turn the key, the wheel would lock and th
e car would start crying like a wounded seal. Not to worry though, Australia has a plentiful supply of friendly strangers with magical car powers.

Rock formation #1: The Pinnacles. These are a bunch of rock pillars that stick out of the desert, formed about 50,000 years ago by calcium deposits, then eroded/buried/unburied/eroded/buried/unburied/national parked. Like any mature group of 20-something year old college students, we used it
as a giant playground and remarked, as tastefully as you can imagine, on the phallic structure of many of the formations. Not sure what else you could expect, honestly.

Rock formation #2: Wave Rock. Big rock formation that looks like a wave. We did the tourist thing and pretended to surf the 15 meter granite swell, and then took about 800 other pi
ctures (to be fair, my camera whoring is partially/entirely to blame). We then hiked to the top of the rock, where there were giant boulders just ASKING for a lion king opening scene reenactment.

Went for a run this morning with my friend Nichole, got lost, ended up running about 7-8 miles. Once we regained our bearings, I sprinted the last half mile so I wouldn't miss the wave rock expedition. I arrived, breathless, to find that I had like 30 minutes before they were going to leave. I then realized that I had locked my room key in my flat, and since none of my roommates were around, I had to climb about 15 feet up to my flat balcony, like spiderman. The balcony is a sharp place, and I look like I've been cutting myself. Add boulder climbing, sprinting like a mad fool to catch a sunset, and 8 hours in a cramped car, and you might begin to understand how badly I want to pass out and sleep for 18 hours right now. Oh, and I haven't slept properly since 12:30am, because my body decided to wake up to an accidental alarm and not want to go back to sleep. wtf. Unfortunately, I have a test tomorrow at 9:30am / death 'o clock. Still, going to pass out. Hard. Goodnight.

No worries,

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